18th Busan Internatianal Dance Festival 2022

“희망의 춤, 부산에서 하나되다.”



BIDF 찾아가는 공연 6.3일 Panag ani (Kalinga) I Kanyaw (Ifugao)

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단체명 Saint Louis University Dance Troupe

Panag ani (Kalinga)
Kanyaw (Ifugao)

안무 Mr. Sherwin Santiago
안무자 소개

Panag Ani
In the high mountains of the Cordillera are myriads of music and dances - to appease the gods, to carry favor from powerful spirits, to celebrate bounty hunts and harvests, or to mimic the life forms around them. Cordillerans are known for their strength and power, and through dance, they portray their stories, their paganistic rituals, and also honor their legends and heroes.

In the mountainous region of the Philippines and the home of the Rice Terraces of the Philippine Cordilleras, the people of Ifugao danced to appease the BULUL or granary guardians to help them protect the fields from pest and calamities. They dance their rituals and gave offerings to have a connection with bulul deities with the help of the Mumbaki or native priest. The Mumbaki or native priest, are elders of the community.

무용단 소개 Mr. Sherwin Santiago is a cultural advocate, an artist, and the current dance trainer and choreographer of Saint Louis University since 2017. Under his directorship, he has produced visionary concerts and productions, featuring the talents of the SLU Dance Troupe and the Artists of Center for Culture and the Arts in musical production. He also choreographed the champion-awarded entries in street dance of the 2018 and 2019 Panagbenga Festival. Later in 2019, he spearheaded the group in their performance during the Jinju World Folk-art Biennale in Jinju, South Korea. He has led young artists and dancers into cutting-edge, hopeful performances before and in the times of pandemic in which physical and social gatherings are restricted. As a result, his craft has calibrated into forms that can cater to both physical and virtual platforms, utilizing technology as a tool for the furtherance of dance expressions, passions, and amelioration. Now, the journey towards concept-forward performances continues in more stages that await.
작품소개 The SLU Dance Troupe, established in 1993, is the resident dance company of Saint Louis University in Baguio City. The SLU Dance Troupe, was featured in various musical productions, and it also produces showcases, folk dance concerts, and contemporary shows annually. Aside from its local performances, the group has also been performing in several places in the Philippines and astounded the international audience with its tours in California, U.S.A; Guangzhou, China; Belgium; Buriram, Thailand; and Jinju, South Korea.
The company's exposure to thriving artistry, combined with the university's support, has strengthened the SLU Dance Troupe position within the Arts Community. Through the years, all the company's performances have reaped astounding esteem and numerous accolades, an unignorable testimony of the exemplary capabilities of both its mentors and members.
공연시간 -
음악 Panag ani (10 Minutes)
Kanyaw (10 Minutes)
출연진 Arsthein Naijle D. Fabia
Shadrach C. Asan
Gerald B. Casilla
Jake C. Concepcion
JC Vince M. Somebang
Audrey Janel Elyn Sim
Jemimah Faith R. Gongora
Mariah Pauline V. Tinaza
Jovanie Ann T. Patacsil


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